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Getting Started with Latin by William E Linney


Quiz #1 Lesson 1-10

Quiz #2 Lesson 11-16

Quiz #3 Lesson 17-18

Quiz #4 Lesson 19-20

Quiz #5 Lesson 21-24

Quiz #6 Lesson 25-26

Quiz #7 Lesson 27-28

Quiz #8 Lesson 29-30

Quiz #9 Lesson 31-32

Quiz #10 Lesson 33-34

Quiz #11 Lesson 35-36

Quiz #12 Lesson 37-38

Quiz #13 Lesson 39-40

Quiz #14 Lesson 41-42

Quiz #15 Lesson 43-44

Quiz #16 Lesson 45-46

Quiz #17 Lesson 47-48

Quiz #18 Lesson 49-50

Quiz #19 Lesson 51-52

Quiz #20 Lesson 53-54

Quiz #21 Lesson 55-56

Quiz #22 Lesson 57-58

Quiz #23 Lesson 59-60

Quiz #24 Lesson 61-62

Quiz #25 Lesson 63-64

Quiz #26 Lesson 65-66

Quiz #27 Lesson 67-68

Quiz #28 Lesson 69-70

Quiz #29 Lesson 71-72

Quiz #30 Lesson 73-74

Quiz #31 Lesson 75-76

Quiz #32 Lesson 77-78

Quiz #33 Lesson 79-80

Quiz #34 Lesson 81-82

Quiz #35 Lesson 83-84

Quiz #36 Lesson 85-86

Quiz #37 Lesson 87-88

Quiz #38 Lesson 89-90

Quiz #39 Lesson 91-92

Quiz #40 Lesson 93-94

Please let me know if you run into any errors.

75 Responses to “Quizzes”

  1. Kathy says:

    SUPER JOB !!! I am using the Getting Started With Latin in homeschooling an 11th grader, and these quizzes are an excellent addition to this program. Thank you so much for taking the time to create them. I had been writing out quizzes by hand (not nearly as well as these are done)and your quizzes have helped my scheduling immensely.
    THANKS AGAIN !! Looking forward to more quizzes !!

  2. Laura C. says:

    These quizzes are so helpful and SO appreciated. They allow my son to self-direct and then proudly present me with teh results of his efforts. And I am learning too! THANK YOU.

  3. ray says:

    I love these quizzes!!! So great!!!

  4. Steven G. says:

    So far, the only errors I’ve come across are these few:

    In Lesson 47-48, question 6: agricola none es.

    In Lesson 49-50, question 2 the answer is typed as “The girls often plow the soil” when I think it should be “The girl (singular) often plows the soil”. Also, in the same question aras is typed arras.

    Really small things to notice, but I hope it helps as the quizzes are an excellent way to learn the material.

  5. admin says:


    Excellent! I will correct this in a day or two. Thank you much.


  6. Steven G. says:

    In Lesson 53-54 question 2:
    Agricolae terram arrant.

    They are plowing: arant.

    In Lesson 59-60 question 4:
    Femina circum insulam saepe natat.

    Sentence has the extra word saepe, so doesn’t match english sentence.

  7. jill says:

    These really help me!! Thanx!!

  8. Nathan and Adam says:

    We love these quizzes; they are so helpful. Sooooo glad they are back.

  9. admin says:

    Thanks for corrections. I’ve updated these quizzes.

  10. admin says:

    Glad to hear this.

  11. admin says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

  12. Tina says:

    In lesson 93-94 in question four one of the combination was: Ad insulam navigare non potestis. Then the words for that was Y’ll are not able to swim to the island. So navigare means to sail not to swim.

    In the same lesson the combination was: Poeta puellis fabulam harrat quod nauta sum. The corresponding words for that was: The poet is telling a story to the girls because the girls love stories. So just update nauta sum to the girls love stories in latin.


  13. ray says:

    Hey, I really like these quizzes. But I was wondering if there are printable versions available.

  14. ray says:

    Noticed two errors in Quiz #21 (Lesson 55-56)
    1. Question #1-”…’I am saling’” should be I am sailing.
    2. Question #2 “Ad casa ambulatis” means “Y’all are walking to the house”. House is the direct object so it should be “Ad CASAM ambulatis”

  15. Adelle says:

    Thank-you so much for this! The tests are such a great review for the kids. I just discovered this and we are on lesson 84, however we are going back and using the tests as review. They are wonderful. Thanks for the time that you put into them.

  16. Mike says:

    Thank you for posting these quizzes. Answering these questions vs. the flash cards I am making is a welcome and very helpful change. I also want to complement and thank you for your .mp3 recordings. They truly make the book “come alive”. I have only just begun my Latin study but already notice I am paying more attention to the words I use and hear every day. It’s like I am waking up after 57 years of just going through the motions of communicating!

  17. Kaitlyn says:

    Thank-you so much for the Quizzes they help me try to memorize the words harder than before I did the quizzes

  18. Austin says:

    These quizzes are really helpful but i found a typo. On Quiz #15 (lesson 43-44) Question 4 says The girls is watching the sailors when it should be the girls are watching the sailors. Otherwise, these are very helpful. Thank you for putting these up.

  19. Jewel Armstrong says:

    My 9 year old and I are learning Latin together. So much fun! I have homeschooled 2 kids into high school (I send them in 9th grade). They are both doing VERY well, but I wish i would have taught them Latin. Learning Latin has helped my 9 year old understand grammar and my 6 year old is having fun too! I really appreciate the quizzes, it gives my daughter the (outsider) pat on the back she likes to get. Sometimes a mom telling you your great just doesn’t carry the same weight as a another person or test can.

  20. karen says:

    IS there a min. version of flash adobe required? I cannot do the matching quiz for some reason.

  21. Laura says:

    Wow! Thank you for doing this! :)

  22. Jodi says:

    On lessons 83-84, when you are matching the Latin endings with their correct cases, when two words have the same ending (such as Ablative singular and Nominative singular) the computer will say that you are wrong if you drag the wrong one over to the wrong case when in reality it is impossible to tell which one is which. Hope this helps!

  23. admin says:

    Thank you. Your comment has prompted a decision to update this website. It will take me some time. I will take a look at your comment and see if I can correct this. It will take a little time. Please be patient.

  24. admin says:

    You are absolutely correct! Good catch. “Drag and drop match” format is just no good in such cases. I will have to change it to “fill in the blank” type questions.

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